Janine graduated in Social Psychology and later also in Clinical Psychology, both at the University of Amsterdam. She has worked for the University of Amsterdam, the University of Dunedin (New Zealand), the Netherlands Scientific Research and Documentation Centre, and the Ministry of Security and Justice. She also has a research agency, which specialises in researching behaviour modification. In addition, she is a member of the Netherlands’ Council for Criminal Law Application and Youth Protection.


  • Master in Social Psychology (University of Amsterdam)
  • Master in Clinical Psychology (University of Amsterdam)
  • Psychologist NIP and member NIP (Dutch Institute for Psychologists)
  • Registration for Post-academic training Clinical Psychology
  • Training in psycho-diagnostics, NIP (Dutch Institute for Psychologists)
  • Relational and Family Therapy (Institute for Directive Interventions, Amsterdam)
  • Imaginary Exposure (Institute for Directive Interventions, Amsterdam)
  • Trainer in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) (Centre for Mindfulness, Amsterdam)
  • Mindfulness & Psychotherapy (Harvard Medical School)