Through the links below you can read what you can expect from treatment at Evy psychology practice.

  • registration

You can register with Evy psychology practice through the form on the contact page or by calling 020 24 00 106. We will then have a brief telephone conversation with you to discuss your symptoms and assess whether we can help you, and to make an appointment for an initial session.

  • treatment

In the first sessions, we examine your situation and make a structured analysis. This enables us to clarify how your symptoms arose and what caused them, and to determine which approach can be effective. We always choose methods that are evidence based and are suitable for you.

Sometimes a couple of sessions can go a long way to resolving the problem; sometimes it can take rather longer. Insofar as possible, we use active methods of short duration, in which you experiment and practice on your own as well as attend the sessions. Our treatments can be categorised as ‘first line care’ or ‘basic mental healthcare’ and usually consist of four to twelve sessions.

  • evaluation

We find it important that what we do, works. Therefore, we regularly evaluate whether you are getting enough benefit from the treatment. We do this by asking you to fill out questionnaires which measure change and speak about this with you. If necessary, we modify the approach; for example, by changing the pace or using different methods. If someone can better be helped by another expert, such as a doctor, a psychiatrist or a specialised psychologist, we can make a referral in consultation with the client.

  • costs

Treatment costs are € 85.00 per hour if payment is made in advance or immediately after the session. If payment is made later, the charge is € 95.00 per hour. VAT does not have to be paid.

A telephone conversation to get more information is, of course, free and with no obligation. The first telephone conversation is also free.

Payment for problems treated by Evy is not recompensed by insurance companies. Employers are sometimes prepared to cover (some of) the costs.

Because the treatments are often fairly short, the expense is limited.